Every person is born with a group of unique personality traits, which is different for all persons.

AYURVEDA teaches that we all have a unique constitution, which is our psychobiological makeup.

At the time of fertilization, when a male sperm and a female egg meet, a new individual is born with a particular group of qualities, which is called his PRAKRITI or body mind constitution.

In modern times it is called our inherited genetic code, which is a constant factor and does not change throughout the life except in some unusual conditions. It is our unique pattern of energy, our combination of physical, emotional and mental characteristic and predispositions.



Every individual is a unique entity in this world. You have taken birth with a particular group of qualities, which comes from your parents in the form of your genetic makeup, which is the arrangement of genes in the cells of your body.

We see in general, some persons are full of anger and jealousy, on the other hand some may be extra cool & it is very difficult to make them angry.

Some people can eat chilies and spices at every meal without any problem but some persons cannot even have a little extra salt.

Some people like sweets very much and take a lot of them but other may not even be able to eat more than a few grams of sweets.

There is a need to think about this difference.

Here comes the utility of PRAKRITI in general day-to-day life. There are seven types of PRAKRITI.


The types of body PRAKRITIS are –

  • VAATA Dominant
  • PITTA Dominant
  • KAPHA Dominant
  • VAATA – KAPHA Dominant
  • PITTA – KAPHA dominant
  • VAATA – PITTA Dominant

Every person is affected by the numerous environmental conditions, which may develop / change / modify many of the habits in him. With the effect of age, season, environment, the food we eat in quantity and quality, our thinking process, there occur many changes in us & many of the diseases may be bombarded on us but if we know our constitution or PRAKRITI then we can prevent these disorders by applying suitable measures which suites to our PRAKRITI.

This way we can avoid many of the illnesses and disorders which either have come to or may come in the future.


Generally we can divide the humans into three categories. You can go through these characters and can find in which group you are

  1. Characteristic of the VATA individual: –

  • VAATA individuals are usually slim; body structure is towards smaller side, light muscles, less fat.
  • Muscles and veins are prominent on the skin
  • Skin dry and rough
  • Can not bear cold much
  • They have variable appetite & thirst i.e. some times more sometime less.
  • Have weak digestion
  • Hard, dry stools usually
  • Walk quickly and always in hurry
  • Always active mentally
  • Thet are more anxious, full of fear & uncertainty
  • Their recent memory is good but they forget old things
  • Their sleep is scanty, broken up, usually have sleeplessness.
  • Talk a lot but their speech is rapid and unclear
  1. Characteristic of a PITTA Individual

  • Medium built bodies and physical state
  • Their skin may be smooth, oily, warm & rosy
  • Hair may be straight, oily, greyish black
  • Early baldness and easy falling of hair is very common in them
  • Their eyes are bright, grey, green, red and sensitive to light, i.e. they cannot bear bright light
  • They have a very good appetite, they need something to eat after short intervals
  • They have good digestion, generally have dyspepsia, & complaints of heart burn due to the increased secretion of acid in the stomach
  • Have increased thirst.
  • They usually go to the toilet 1-2 times a day and their stools may be loose
  • Emotionally they are full of anger; hate, jealousy and they are very much determined in their decisions.
  • Their memory and intelligence are sharp
  • They sleep for a less time but have very sound sleep
  • Their speech is very much sharp and penetrating
  • They would like spending their money on luxuries.
  1. Characteristics of a KAPHA Individual

  • They have usually large body structure and are usually over weight
  • Skin may be thick, oily, cool, white & pale
  • Hair may be thick, curly, oily and wavy
  • Their eyes are usually big, beautiful & calm
  • Their stomach are large & pot bellied
  • Their appetite is less but constant i.e. not much variable at different times
  • Digestion is slow and weak; they usually suffer from gas formation etc.
  • They drink very less liquid
  • Their stools are thick, oily and they go for elimination once in one or two days
  • They are usually sedentary
  • Mentally they may be a little slow
  • Psychologically they are calm in nature but may be greedy and full of emotions like attachment etc.

In this way, major characteristics of each type have been given here. From this description you can have a quick idea of your PRAKRITI. It is necessary that every individual should know his or her PRAKRITI so that he/she may decide what type of food can be taken accordingly.

We generally see that we are not aware of the quality and quantity of the things we eat daily or rather I would like to say that we put each & every material we find tasty into our stomach & we have made our stomach a box in which any type of material can be kept irrespective of the reason, we need it or not.


AYURVEDA categorizes all people in various and different groups based on their psychological characters. Different people have different psychological constitution which is also necessary to know to make a perfect treatment plan for that person. Your AYURVEDIC physician can tell you about your psychobiological makeup when he is in an interactive session with you. Based on this he may recommend you some advices to improve your mental stamina and immunity to fight with the diseases and illnesses.