We all are born with a specific group of characteristics which are encoded in our genetic code and is called our Prakriti..
Prakriti, the basic constitution does not change throughout our life but we see many differences in our behavioral pattern at different times of our life according to different situations and times. Every individual is effected by the environmental factors, seasons, food he/she takes.
So, as a general rule, here comes the application of the principles of AYURVEDA – like increase like as well as opposites decrease each other.

A person with a kapha-predominance will get less of the kaphaj disorders. If he avoids more of the sweets, curd, excessive milk product, excessive ghee, heavy meals, sedentary habits and uses more of the VAATA increasing regime i.e. for example hard physical exercise or eating dry foods.
One of our patients, Mr. Manoj kumar, 33 years of age, came to our clinic with the complaints of painful joints of fingers of hands, wrist, elbow and fingers of the foot. He was not able to sit in squatting position. On investigating the case he was having raised Uric Acid up to 10.4 mg/dl, when history was taken he told that he was very much found of eating his meals at hotels and restaurants. He was taking this type of meals in the last 3-4 years almost 10 to 15 times/week. So he was taking excessive KAPHAVARDHAKA diet for a fairly long time and his business was such that he had to sit in the office almost all the day which was a sedentary habit life style, that also increased the KAPHA-factors in the body. His Prakriti was KAPHA Dominant. As a result he got this disease named Gout.
Generally one’s Prakriti indicates one’s diseases proneness. Individuals of pitta constitution will tend to have more of the pitta disorder. But this is not inevitable. A person of vata constitution who eats a lot of hot, spicy foods, drinks alcholo, likes to lie in the sun, smokes, cigarettes and represses anger will definitely get a pitta disease. If he or she eats candies, cookies, ice creams and other daily products and i.e exposed to cold weather there will be a susceptibility to have congestive kapha disorder.
We mean to say that all this do’s and dont’s those are mentioned in the Ayurveda are very much relevant in the prevention and treatment of the diseases and they all have a scientific base depending on the Ayurvedic principles.


A few important examples are
– Taking of dahi (curd) when you are affected with a kapha disorder will definitely prolong the treatment schedules
– When you have a pitta disorder like increasing acidity, taking of spicy and fried things will definitely increase the pitta and will worsen the situation
– When you have indigestion and feel some flatulence after meals will worsen your condition and taking rest just after meals will help to increase your digestion in cares of dyspepsia or indigestion
– Elderly age is VAATA predominant and VAATA disorder are very common in the age and when you stop all the GHEE and oils in your diet, you are at once afflicted with VAATA disorder like constipation
These are a few examples to say here hundreds of such examples can be called here. The main emphasis is that we should see to it what we are eating, what we are doing and try to incorporate correct do’s and dont’s acc to our prakriti.
Today’s age is full of hurry, worry as well as currys. Everybody is in a rush for earning his living hood. Earlier people used to eat good food and healthy food but in today’s times nobody has time to think about what he is eating or rather putting into his stomach. This is the reasons we are getting more and more diseases at this point we need to stop and ponder about this –


This is the most important rule to be followed in your day to day life.

Ayurveda clearly explains the PRINCIPLE OF VIRUDHA AAHAAR –

–  which means there are so many of the food articles which when taken together at one time or by combining or by processing in a wrong way – become indigestible in a wrong way – become indigestible to the human beings. In the body, they become difficult to digest or produce unwanted toxic chemicals or materials which are either not absorbed into the blood or when absorbed and circulate in the blood, cause various illnesses.
Modern specialist in various streams usually do not believe in this rule. When people take treatment from them, they are not told about what to eat or not. For example they do not prohibit curd in respiratory tract infections, as a result illnesses take a longer time to go and also came back very early.
After doing an extensive research on this concept, I conclude that because the body is made and grown up by the food we eat so as the illnesses come as we wrong foods in a wrong way.
One of my patients, Mr Singh, 46 years of age from a village background was in a habit of taking curd or dhai ½ kg daily empty stomach for the last 4-5 yrs. He thought curd was very good for health slowly he developed chronic congested nose and post nasal drip. He was very disturbed and had visited, so may ENT specialist when he came to me and after looking history I first of all advised him to stop taking curd immediately. As curd is kapha increasing and blocking the channels of circulations , it produced kaphaj diseases when taken in excess and at wrong time and it is very much clearly contraindicated in Ayurvedic texts, not to take curd regularly.
Similarly many food items are adviced not to take in combination , they are called Incompatible foods for example –
– Milk + Fish, crud, sour fruits, khitchri bread.
– Curd + sour fruit, hot drinks, mangoes, bananas, cheese
– Egg + milk, curd, cheese, fruits, potatoes
– Lemon + curd, milk, cucumber, tomatoes.
– Potatoes, Tomatoes, Brinjal + curd, milk, cucumber
– Chicken + milk, black beans, raddish, honey
– Milk + raddish, onion, garlic
– Honey + ghee in equal propostion.
These are a few items to be mentioned here. You can have an advice from an Ayurvedic consultant accrding to your body type. At our centre, we usually take a detailed history of the patient life of their last 10-20 yrs at least. And in most of the cases we get a reason for his/her present illness. A person was suffering from urticaria rashes in the last 4-5 yrs on inquiring he told he was very much found of cold drinks and used to take their aerated drinks in excess even with every meal. After a few yrs he developed their piltaz diseases, urticaria with allergic bronchitis, After correcting his delay habits and giving some rasayan drugs he was ok within 8-9 months.


Such of the drugs and diets that are unwholesome for the normal tissues and doshas of the body, are in fact opposed to the proper growth of each tissue elements and doshas
– Some of these act due to their mutually contradictory properties e.g milk and sour fruits
– Some by combination e.g milk and bananas
– Some by method of preparation
– Some by virtue of the place, time and dose
– Some other by their inherent nature