Hello Friends….Charak Samhita is the basic text book for Ayurveda. We all in this group will try to explore all the possibilities out of this and will discuss the topics, and will discuss how to use it in todays time. It is still very relevant and beneficial for the poeple to be healthy.
I invite everyone whoe is keen to learn and use ayurveda through this forum.



–it is the most authoritative book of Ayurveda
–the Sage Punarvasu Aatrey was the first propounder of the Ayurvedic medical system.
–Maharishi Agnivesha was the pupil of SAge Punarvasu Aatrey, who decided to write the teachings of his teacher in the form of a book then named AGNIVESH TANTRA
–over hundreds of years this book was being mutilated, so Maharishi Charak, who was a great scholar, decided to rewrite it and complete it, he collected the fragments of it, revised it with necssary changes and then it was named as CHARAKA SAMHITAA
–In over the centuries even this got mutilated and several part of this book was lost
–Noticing this another scholar DRIDHBALA, collected whatever available and Reducted (PRATISANSKAARA) it BY ADDING NEW CHAPTERS WRITTEN BY HIMSELF and made it in a suitable form which is able to study
–This present form of CHARAK SAMHITA is this reducted and completed by DRIDHABALA.