This is an Ayurvedic mineral medicine. It is prepared from high quality Gypsum which is transparent in quality obtained naturally and not synthetically produced.


250 mg tp 1 g twice or thrice a day as directed by the physician


-all types of fevers

-typhoid, malaria, pneumonia, relapsing fever


-White vaginal discharges called leucorrhoeas

-excess vaginal bleeding called menorrhagias

-high blood pressure

-cough, cold, fever, nausea, vomiting, indigestion and loose motions in children

-specially used in cases where there is excessive burning sensation, increased thirst, headache due to high blood pressure, insomnia & bodyache

-Leucorrhoea which is psychological & white liquid & is increased even at the thought of the sex—then godanti with JEERA, SANGJARAHAT & MAJUPHAL is given

-helps to decreases the excessive acidity in the reproductive system of the females

-in migraine, headache etc 1 gm GODANTI with 10 gm DESI GHEE & sugar each three times a day


No any side effects noticed when given in therapeutic doses.


This is not to be given for long duration as it may cause damage to liver if used for very long duration.